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Who runs this blog?

Jess and Divya.

Where do your pictures come from?

People the admins follow, submissions, weheartit, etc.

What are your favorite foods? 


Can you check my blog out? Can you follow me back? Who do you follow? 

yes, we can check your blog out, but since this is blog connected to our main blogs with members, we can’t follow anyone, sorry. :c

I have a request for a particular photo/particular type of photo. 

We’ll try our best. If we’re feeling lazy though, we might just direct you to one of our tags pages which is 99% likely because we are 99% lazy

Do guys actually do anything productive on here?

yes. We have themed days. Take a moment to read about them.

I’m hungry. 

Then go eat.

What is this? Where am I?

A fatspiration blog.

OMG vegetarians/vegans suck!!11!

For the record, one of the people who runs this blog is vegetarian and refuses to debate her life choices over the Internet.

If there’s anything else, feel free to ask.

If you remove the credit that we put up, change the source,  etc. we will hunt you down and haunt you in your dreams and set slenderman on you. Or something. But moral of the story, DO NOT REMOVE OUR CREDIT OR SOURCE.

ALSO, if we have a post up that was originally yours and it was not permitted to be on weheartit, where most of our posts come from, please leave us a message and we will kindly take the post down.

created March 13, 2012